about me

Julien Lühning

I’m Julien, a passionate Nature Photographer from Germany.

“I believe that our earth is way too beautiful to live your whole life only in a small bubble, where you were born – I want to see more than that of our planet.”

“Through my photography I want to inspire everyone to do the same.”

Photography, Nature, Animals and my Dream to travel the world

I have always loved nature and especially animals, so I knew early on that these two things will have a great importance in my life. Only with the photography I never had real contact points in my childhood, only because of my brother I had one, he bought himself a DSLR in his early youth. This is how my interest in photography developed, but rather slowly. I had a smartphone with manual mode and RAW storage when I was about 16/17 years old, which was one of the first with such features at that time. With this phone in my pocket I slowly started to approach photography, I liked to take photos and in 2017 I started my Instagram account, on which I published photos irregularly. At that time, my big dream to see more of the world and help other people on my travels was also born. Photography was more and more fun and so I decided at the age of 19, just before our Baltic Sea vacation, to buy my first beginner’s camera, the Canon EOS 700D. Shooting photos was now more often on my schedule, so I wanted to get a little more serious and I thought about posting a photo every day on Instagram. From May 10, 2020, I had fun posting a photo or video every day for about 400 days. Since the beginning of 2021, I have also been doing a lot of wildlife photography and have found something so wonderful in it.
I will continue to improve and strive for photography, traveling and helping others as a dream and goal.

Should you want to know more about me or get in touch with me, I would love to hear from you.
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If you are interested in what I’ve seen so far.

"There is so much to explore."